Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Meal Prep to Keep Myself Sane

Once I get all the items assembled (or after a huge trip to Costco) I need to get to prepping.  I start with a  few favorites for my kids.

 I love these parfaits in jelly jars.  They are quick, easy to make and stack in the fridge.  I also can use fresh or frozen fruit of any variety and I top them with homemade granola.  They are grab and go.  Totally portable.  I love to take these to work.  Best of all, if a kid can't eat it all, the lids tightens back on unlike conventional yogurt containers.  Thank goodness for Facebook to give me this great idea.

Every weekend I make rice.  I LOVE my rice cooker.  Set it on prep day and let it go.  I make 2-3 cups of rice.  My kids will eat rice as a snack with butter or shredded cheese or I will make fried rice on another night.  I try and use brown rice when I can, but my kids love jasmine rice. 

I also baked lots of potatoes and boil a dozen eggs.  I use the potatoes side dishes or as a quick dinner before practice and the eggs are a quick on the go snack. 

I take the ground beef I bought and brown some for taco meat, leave plain to add to spaghetti sauce and make little slider patties to freeze.  These patties are the perfect size for my girls and cook up quickly.  Kid #1 can get some out of the freezer and cook himself after practice. 

I buy croissants in bulk.  I slice them and pack them in freezer bags to use later.  

The girls and I have lots of fun, but the kitchen is a total mess.  It is worth it to have ideas for the following week.  Last week there was no plan and meals were awful.  Just do one or two of these thing to start.  Or if you do some of them which ones?  I would love ideas.   

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