Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Garden is In.....

Last weekend was a long holiday weekend.  We really wanted to get the garden in.  This is the third year we will have a vegetable garden in the back corner of our yard.  The first year was wonderful.  The second year....not so much.  The kids really like it.  They love checking on the progress.  I think they are even more inclined to eat the stuff that comes out of the back yard.  (Like kid #1 and his dislike of all green beans, except garden ones.)  I like the idea of fresh veggies in the backyard. 

My DH and Kid #1 do all the prep work.  They get the soil ready and the rows set.  The girls and I do the planting.  (For the sake of marital peace, DH has done a fair amount of planting outside the garden space.)

These rainbow cages make me ridiculously happy.  I can't wait for all those tomatoes.  We have several varieties: regular and heirloom, red, yellow and purple, regular sized, cherry and plum.

We have a raised bed just outside the garden.  We fill it with herbs (and a few berries!)  It is fun for the girls to smell all of the different herbs.  They help me dry them.  They have even have tried a few too.

The raised bed is also the perfect place for Kid #2 to work.  Her wheelchair does not work in the garden.  She loves that Rubbermaid Garden Bench.  It comes in handy.

We hung cute little buckets on the fence from a school fund raiser.  Kid #4 planted flowers in them.  Is she rocking the garden attire or what?

We transplanted hostas from a friend.  Kid #3 did all the heavy lifting.  She looks happy, right?

All and all it was a good weekend.  I enjoyed being outside and getting the work done.

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