Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Spent $550 at Costco On Purpose

My favorite soup and Costco splurge.
I went to Costco and did some shopping.  Our cupboards were getting bare and I wasn't able to meal plan.  I put it off as long as I could because I have been spoiled by the online shopping service our local grocery store offers.  I also have been working on getting cleaner options for our family.  I heard that there were lots of healthy options at Costco.  I was shocked at the number of organic and gluten free options at Costco.  I did by a few toiletry items that were on the list as well.  (Do you know how much toilet paper my family uses? TMI?)

Not organic, but better than conventional

Fact of the matter is I have 4 kids and they are getting to the point where they eat A LOT.  I roast 2 chickens for one meal, boil one dozen eggs a week, cook 2 lbs of meat of tacos, open 2 packages of hot dogs, and a half gallon of milk every three days.

The Udi's at our grocery store are tiny loaves.  Kid #1 would sometimes need 2 sandwiches.  These are big!

There are also some things I can not get anywhere else like big loaves of Udi's bread.  My son prefers the bread I make in the  bread machine, but this is a close second.  I also found some gluten free chicken nuggets (for those quick meal nights) that seem like they are a cleaner option than conventional ones.

Again, these are not the healthiest option, but for dinner when everyone has to be in a different place they work fine.

I spent $545.10.  I was able to get the following items:
Ground Beef and ChickenBerries
French Fries*
15lbs of Fresh Potatoes*
Breakfast cereal
Tomato Paste
GF Udi's Bread*
GF Chicken nuggets*
GF Frozen Cheese Pizza
Lunch meat (Half organic/Half conventional)
Naan Bread* (Kid #4 loves this and they have small sizes that are perfect for her)
Croissants* (Kid #2 favorite)
Nutella * (For the children, hum....)
Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream*
Corn Chips and Salsa
Cheese sticks, fruit leather
Power bars for DH
Beverages (Carbonated water, coffee, organic juice, case of water)
My favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup*
And more....
*not organic

The other reason I spent $550 dollars.  I am challenging my family (and myself) to only spend $60 a week all of June.  If we can accomplish this our grocery budget will be under $800.  That would be super.  Our food budget is the one place that we can really cut costs.  I have some home improvement plans and I want to start saving now. 

So the prepping has begun.  It will take most of one full day, but it is totally worth it.  Meal planning saves us so much money and time.  I know it does.  I just need to commit to taking the day once a month and get it all done.  At least it is raining......

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