Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Changes

One thing became very clear at the end of 2014, my work/life balance seriously had work taking most of my time.  I mean, I am a busy working mom.  In my work life I have many irons in the fire, but I was finishing emails at night, taking work calls, planning the next days events, etc.  My husband was sending "friendly" reminders.  My kids were asking me to "just look at them".  When I think back it was kind of sad.  I am always pushing the hours I work by going in a little early or staying late.

I am not writing this to get into a working mom vs. stay at home debate.  I have been both and have found myself equally busy with things.  I am writing this to say, I had stepped over a personal line for ME.  This week I have made a few simple changes to help create the balance:

  • I have taken my work email off my phone.  
  • I have worked to create scheduled work hours.  I am writing what I work in my planner each day.  
  • I am working on saying no.  I can't sit on one more committee or attend one more meeting.  If it is not something on my list of priorities, I am saying no.  
2015 is already scheduled to be a busy year for me.  I have a master's degree to finish and a few other commitments to complete.  I need to schedule my time wisely.  I also need to maximize the time I am with my family.  It is still a work in progress.  Part of the reason I dusted off this blog is to force myself to check in and prioritize.  Hopefully, I can take the time to do that too.

Happy 2015!

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