Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Grocery Challenge

Our 1/4 beef was delivered.  Our freezer is stocked.  Between the stuff I preserved from our garden, the beef, the pork we have left, and my stockpile of frozen supermarket veggies and gluten free bread we are bursting at the seams.

Then there is our pantry.  Our local grocery store has had canned beans and veggies on sale recently, so I have several cases.  I also stocked up on condensed soups of varying varieties.  During Back to School time I used coupons and great sales to stock up on our favorite breakfast cereals, cake and brownie mixes, and dry pasta.

As I was fitting the last bit of beef in the freezer I decided, we have ENOUGH food for a while. So I am giving myself a challenge.  No "big" grocery shopping until Thanksgiving.  I am budgeting $450 from October 15-November 22.  This is all groceries - my Amazon stuff, my Market Day stuff, take out pizza night, and my biweekly produce delivery.  Keep in mind, I have a gluten free kid and his groceries are expensive which is why I budgeted $75 a week instead of $50.

My plan for the extra is holiday shopping!  Check back and see how I do.

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