Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Meal Planning

This school year started with us running.  #1 to football and Boy Scouts, #2 to horseback riding, #3 to hockey and swimming and #4 to Baby Ballerinas.  Also factor in religious education and school work, WOW!

Our meals have become a victim to my lack of planning.  Kid #3, the "planner" of the family has helped me come up with a plan.  It has sort of gone with way before the plan, but knowing what's for dinner before dinner really does help.

Monday is Hodgepodge day.  We eat the weekend leftovers.
Tuesday is call crock pot day. (Or soup for dinner)
Wednesday is breakfast for dinner day.
Thursday is our busiest night and we have pizza.
Friday is "real dinner' night.  I try to cook a real dinner.
Saturday is restaurant night. (Sometimes we switch Friday and Saturday)
Sunday is sit down dinner night.

The kids know what day it is and it cuts down on the "I don't want..." *Cuts down, does not eliminate!

What is for dinner at your house????

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