Friday, July 5, 2013

Water Fun and Fear

This summer I have put my foot down about learning to swim.  My kids don’t like water.  I jokingly say that my kids sink like rocks.  They are not water babies.  They have had swimming lessons before and they have not enjoyed them.  Kid #3 has spent many a lesson clutching the side and screaming.  For a long time I didn’t push it, why make them miserable if we didn’t have to?  We have a boat and it is important to me that my kids are safe around water. 

This summer I have pushed the issue and signed Kid #1 and #3 for swimming lessons.  (Kid #2 is a special case.)  Kid #1 is doing well.  He has gained confidence and has moved up 2 levels in a week.  Kid #3 is another story.  She is scared.  She is nervous.  She is trying. 

Athletic things come easy for Kid #3. She plays hockey, basketball and softball.  She is the fastest runner in her class.  Struggling to do something physical is new to her.  It is hard - hard for her and hard to watch.  We are going to keep trying.  Has anyone had a reluctant swimmer?  Any ideas we can use?

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