Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Feel Sorry For Him

On a raining day I was waiting in the gymnasium of one of our schools waiting for Kid #1 to finish basketball camp.  Another mom approached me and said, “I feel so sorry for Kid #1.  After playing basketball for 3 hours he has to ride his bike home.”

And he does, he rides his bike all over town.  He rides to football camp, swimming lessons, the library, uptown to do his Boy Scout service hours, and lots of other places.  He seems to like it.  I let his sister ride along sometimes.  He carries a backpack with his wallet and a cell phone.

Truth is, while I am at work, they don’t have a choice.  Beyond that it is important for his independence.  He will be 11 this summer.  He has had bicycle training.  He wears a helmet.   We discuss approved routes. 

I explained this (sort of) to the mom with the worry, but I walked away feeling bad.  Should I feel bad that I am giving my son some independence?  What do you let your kids do that their friends don’t?

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