Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lowe's Build and Grow

We have tried to find things to do this summer that are fun and inexpensive.  

We have attended some Lowe's Build and Grow workshops.  

The kids get a cool project, patch and apron.  

The most recent one was the Monster's University Box.  

There are two Toy Story projects scheduled in July.  We had a lot of fun and it was free!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Real Garden Update

Since I wrote about the big harvest, I thought I’d give an overall garden update.  Things are growing well.  The tomatoes, peppers and squash are getting huge.  We will have green and yellow beans too.  I have already trimmed the cilantro.

I also have a really cute helper!

I am beginning to read about canning and preserving so that we don’t waste any thing. I am reading about drying herbs and freezing beans.  Should be fun!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fairy Garden Update

A new house appeared in the Fairy Garden.
A garden remodel is in order!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Water Fun and Fear

This summer I have put my foot down about learning to swim.  My kids don’t like water.  I jokingly say that my kids sink like rocks.  They are not water babies.  They have had swimming lessons before and they have not enjoyed them.  Kid #3 has spent many a lesson clutching the side and screaming.  For a long time I didn’t push it, why make them miserable if we didn’t have to?  We have a boat and it is important to me that my kids are safe around water. 

This summer I have pushed the issue and signed Kid #1 and #3 for swimming lessons.  (Kid #2 is a special case.)  Kid #1 is doing well.  He has gained confidence and has moved up 2 levels in a week.  Kid #3 is another story.  She is scared.  She is nervous.  She is trying. 

Athletic things come easy for Kid #3. She plays hockey, basketball and softball.  She is the fastest runner in her class.  Struggling to do something physical is new to her.  It is hard - hard for her and hard to watch.  We are going to keep trying.  Has anyone had a reluctant swimmer?  Any ideas we can use?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Feel Sorry For Him

On a raining day I was waiting in the gymnasium of one of our schools waiting for Kid #1 to finish basketball camp.  Another mom approached me and said, “I feel so sorry for Kid #1.  After playing basketball for 3 hours he has to ride his bike home.”

And he does, he rides his bike all over town.  He rides to football camp, swimming lessons, the library, uptown to do his Boy Scout service hours, and lots of other places.  He seems to like it.  I let his sister ride along sometimes.  He carries a backpack with his wallet and a cell phone.

Truth is, while I am at work, they don’t have a choice.  Beyond that it is important for his independence.  He will be 11 this summer.  He has had bicycle training.  He wears a helmet.   We discuss approved routes. 

I explained this (sort of) to the mom with the worry, but I walked away feeling bad.  Should I feel bad that I am giving my son some independence?  What do you let your kids do that their friends don’t?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Therapy

Recently we have been facing some difficult decisions regarding Kid #2 and her disabilities.  She is growing and moving around is getting trickier.  She can walk some, but primarily uses a wheelchair at school and out and about.  A decision needs to me made on how she will continue to ambulate.  There are different opinions, different options, and different doctors.

For 5 weeks this summer, we will spend 15 hours a week at the hospital in an intensive summer therapy program.  The goals are to get her on her feet, standing and walking, sitting and standing, brushing her teeth, feeding herself, getting dressed and moving her chair.

She works so hard.  She does so well – all with a smile on her face.  I can’t believe how much she does.  When they bring her out she looks exhausted.  She falls asleep in the car on the way home.  We are so lucky to live so close with to the best children’s hospital in the country.  I am blessed to have a kid that works so hard.  She is a champ!!!