Saturday, June 29, 2013

The First Harvest

Radishes…here is a secret, I really don’t like radishes.  But these are the most beautiful radishes I have ever seen (I didn’t taste them)!  This is the first thing we have harvested from the garden.  The kids were so excited.  My husband likes radishes, so does Kid #1.  The advantage of growing these is that Kids #2-4 all tried them as well, but they all inherited their mother’s taste for radishes.  Even though we are not radish lovers, you should see the excitement when we pull more radishes.  Kid #3 even gave her grandpa radishes as a Father’s Day gift.

There is a certain amount of pride in growing food.  I am really beginning to understand that.  My husband, the hunter, has talked about the pride he feels when the family eats food from one of his hunts.  I thought it was kind of weird, but I get it now.  I get the pride in farming, feeding my family and the pride of hard work.  It has been a lot of fun. 

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