Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning - Inside and Out

I have this week off and as you can imagine I have a huge "To Do" list.  It is full of the basics: decluttering, cleaning out closets, and deep cleaning. In addition, I am using this week to refocus my efforts on our budget, our faith and our diet.

I have spent some time looking around and we have too much.  The kids and I are going to make some hard choices in the basement.  The debate is whether to wait for a May yard sale or donate now.  I am also posting some on Craigslist and taking some to the children's resale shop.  We will spend some time each morning on a room (or two) until we have the whole house done.

I have energized my Pampered Chef business and I have 4 parties this month!  I need to get those items organized and ready to go.  It is my hope that this will supplement our income a bit and pay for the "extras" like summer camps for the kids. I also started a savings plan from Getting Freedom From Debt.  This will help with the expenses of the Christmas holiday.  I also will be calling around for the best price on insurance and dropping our cable.  We need to start "living like no one else".  I have clipped and organized a ton of coupons.  I am going to try and cut the grocery bill by $150 or so.

I will also be updating our family calendar and will be scheduling time for faith and church together as a family.  With all of our activities, this has become more difficult that I expected.  I also need to get over not having "the right" clothes to wear to mass.  We have stayed home because someone had grown out of their church shoes.

Finally, I will be cleaning and organizing the pantries this week.  Again, our schedules have had us relying on convenience which is not always healthy.  In addition, meal time has been stressful and unplanned. I need to get a meal plan and STICK WITH IT.  One day of forgetting to put something in the crock pot can totally ruin the night.

Well, I have designated 9:00am as the time we all get to work and it has arrived.  I will be posting our progress.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck on the decluttering and organizing. I have been getting rid of a ton of stuff and it feels great. I have also noticed that it's easier to keep the house picked up {well, a bit anyway!} with less stuff. Planning meals makes life so much easier, I always kick myself when I let this slide. Happy Easter!!