Monday, December 31, 2012

The Return

Well, after a long respite I have decided to try this again.  I have always enjoyed this as an outlet and love connecting with people this way.  One of my priorities for the new year is to create more "me time" and this is one of the ways I hope to achieve it.  In the next couple of posts I will catch up on all the things that have fallen between the cracks as I have gone back to full time work, shuttled children here and there, and treaded water to keep myself afloat.  I no longer have the excuse of just having gone back to work (it will be a year in January) or I just having a baby (She will be 2 and a half in February).  This year will be about finding happiness where I am and not obsessing over where I want to be.  I have goals, plans and ideas to share for sure, but I need to spent some time in the moment.  I hope you join me.  If you can find something in my writing that helps move you along, terrific, if not send me an idea to help me along.  That is really what this whole thing is about-moms helping moms...

It is a vision I have had for a while.  I hope my return is helpful, thoughtful and useful.  I hope I am too!

Happy New Year!