Friday, May 25, 2012

A Brief Reset

It seems like there has been one thing after another since I started working. The kids and I have never been so sick as they we were this winter.  In March, a tornado hit our small town and a tree landed on our house.  We had a hole in the roof, siding and window damage,  and lost the "playground" in our backyard, all the belongings off our deck, and in our yard (and the dance with the house insurance company began).  The health insurance that we needed so badly gave us trouble about covering Kid #2 (has been resolved).  My direct supervisor left his position, leaving the department in a state of transition (exactly where my home live is too!).  So, despite feeling like I should be at work, I am taking the weekend off.  We have NOTHING scheduled...nothing.  Today I am getting house work done, grocery shopping and working on a plan for the rest of the weekend.  On Monday, we will celebrate the holiday by attending the community celebration for our local veterans.  I feel so far removed from the goals I had set for myself and for the family.  Now is the time to check in with those again...

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