Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Planning for a Plan

So now that I am working, planning has been a dirty word.  I mean, my plans need plans.  A child care plan, a laundry plan, a meal plan, a lunch plan, a weekend plan...I am planned out!  I am beginning to focus on the things that really need  - a plan.

Here are my main focuses for now:

- A organizing plan (managing a house, four kids (and a husband) and my own life)
- A finance plan
- A meal plan (dusting off eMeals or other options)
- A housework plan
- A paper plan (the VOLUMES of paper that come home with my kids each day)
- A spiritual plan (we have not been as present in our faith lately)

This week I will be getting the organizing plan in place and will blog about it.  I would love any tips for getting things in order.  Let me know what your favorite or most important part of your daily plan is and why.

Thanks in advance.

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