Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal planning

I confess...I have fallen off the wagon.  Meal planning has not been a priority here lately.  I can feel it, the kids can feel it, and my husband can feel it.
Feel what???

Well, for one meal time here is chaotic.  Since there is no plan I am in the kitchen rushing around, throwing things together, and not as pleasant during the dinner hour as I used to be.

Another thing we feel is unhealthy.  Since dinner is a scramble, our choices have been less healthy.  We have been eating out more.  It is fast, convenient, unhealthy and expensive. 

And that leads me to the last thing I feel...over budget.  Because I don't have a plan I go to the store more often.  Making more trips does cost me more money. 
So the plan is to get a plan.  I am looking at e-Mealz.  There is a gluten free option there and for a three month subscription ($15) I am sure to get some good recipes. There is a grocery list and you can even customize it for specific grocery stores.  After trying it a few weeks, I will review.

I am going to keep a meal planning notebook as well.  I will post it when I get it the way I want it, but it will include a shopping and budget section.

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  1. I am there too!! I need to get organized before work starts again. With work and sports we are scrambling way too much as well. I look forward to your review!