Saturday, September 17, 2011

Learning from Large Family Logisitics

Large Family Logistics

I mentioned before that I was reading this book and I have finally started to implement some of the ideas into my family life.
I have assigned tasks to each day.  At first the thought of giving jobs to each day seemed ridiculous, but now I totally get it.  While mine are not exactly the same as the book, here is how my week is structured:

Monday: Office/paperwork day
Tuesday: Laundry and cleaning day (Shared areas)
Wednesday: Errands (Running around) day
Thursday: Laundry and cleaning day (Bedrooms)
Friday: Outside and pet clean up day
Saturday: Meal prep and bulk cooking day
Sunday: Rest and plan day
I am also trying to get the work done before 4 as she suggested.  This way I am available for the kids in the afternoon.  So far having a plan feels good.  Keeping with the plan is another thing.  I'll keep you posted. 

Do you plan your days?  What is your plan?

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