Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Decision...

I have been trying to make a decision about schooling for my kids for months (I think it might be approaching a year!).  Last year I made the decision to send #1 to school all day, #2 for half a day and #3 to do preschool at home.  It went well, except...

#1 - Really doesn't like school.  He is going through some stuff.  I am hoping he can sort it out.

#2 - Loves being with the kids at school, but her medical needs are high.  Lots of kids love her, but a full day seemed like a lot.

#3 - Longed to be at school.  She enjoyed being home with her baby sister and I, but she really wanted to go to school, have a backpack and be with kids.

So, I have spend the last 4 months going back and forth.  I didn't register #3 for kindergarten for months.  I started looking at plans for homeschooling multiple children and thinking about curriculum.  I have read every homeschooling blog I could find.  I have looked at private schools, catholic schools and other local schools of choice. 

Here is what I have planned:

#1 - He is going back to school.  He is in the second year of a 2 year program.  He wanted to stay home, but when given a school plan he decided to go to school this year.  I think he thought staying home equaled summer vacation all the time. 

#2 -  She is going to school part time.  She will receive the special education services while she is there.  She will get to be with kids her own age and that motivates her to try things!

#3 - She is going to half day kindergarten.  I will do some schooling with her the second half of the day - just like I did Kid #2 last year. 

#4 - I have some really great tot plans from a few blogs and I am going to start some simple units with her this year. 

My plan is to reevaluate as the year goes along.  I will be more likely to change gears mid-year depending on how the year is going this year because of all the research I have done this year!

I will be homeschooling religion too.  I picked up Lacy's book from Catholic Icing.  Really great stuff!

I am also working on a plan for cleaning and organizing the house, oh and the budget....

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