Monday, August 15, 2011

Breakfast Back on Track

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As far as meal planning goes, we have been off track for the summer.   The kids are getting up at different times.  It had been hot even early in the morning.  I have become a short order cook (at lunch too, but one meal at a time).  Even at 9, Kid #1 is realizing that without a bit of protein he is hungry again sooner.

Here is the plan:

Monday: Breakfast Sandwiches
Tuesday: Oats (Oatmeal, berry crisp, etc)
Wednesday: Eggs
Thursday: Sweet rolls,  biscuits, muffins, etc.
Friday: Breakfast leftovers
Saturday: Waffles or pancakes
Sunday: Big Breakfast

As I begin to put things back on track I am starting at the beginning with breakfast.  We are finishing up the little bit of cold cereal we have in the house.  I realize it isn't that healthy and my kids prefer it for a snack in the afternoon or before bedtime.  So when it is gone, I am not replacing it.  My kids enjoy a warm, hearty breakfast.  This is something that requires a little prep, so I am getting ready by prepping and freezing pancakes, waffles, sweet rolls.  I boil up a dozen eggs for the week.  I also have plenty of low fat breakfast meats and cheese on hand.  My kids also love cream cheese and a slice of lunch meat on a toasted bagel.  We love Meal Makeover Moms breakfast recipes too!  I need to find a gluten free breakfast bar recipe.  I am sure I will find one!  Any suggestions?

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