Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting organized

Okay, no laughing.  I have realized that 1 year (almost!) in to having 4 kids I need to get this family on a schedule.  I have been feeling a bit like I am running on a treadmill.  You know, always on the go, but never really going anywhere.  Nothing is more discouraging than sitting at the end of the day and wondering to yourself what really got done. 

My kids are good kids and are helpful, but sometimes they just don't get it.  I have been left frustrated and feeling a bit taken advantage of.  Well, they are kids.  And I need to give them the direction to do what needs to be done.  We are getting a chore chart and implementing the screen time schedule.  I am also going to get my own cleaning schedule and calendar. (I will post it when I am ready).  I have also seen household notebooks.  I want to get one of those together.

I have been working on decluttering the basement (again) and getting the learning room organized.  We are going to start a bit of schooling next week.  Hopefully we can get a plan together and get to work!


  1. I love to use 3-ring binders. Both kids have one with sections for their activities (school, sports, lessons, etc). I also have separate binders for my activities (Girl Scouts, Co-op, PTT), binders for medical, recipes, house projects, travel ideas. Happy organizing!

  2. Yes, a schedule is so helpful!! You can think through your plan of action once and not again until life changes:)