Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Constrant Induced Therapy

Just a couple of weeks after the serial casting on both feet was over we have begun Constraint Induced Therapy to help with Kid #2's hemiparesis.  Because she had a stroke in utero she has one side of her body that is weaker than the other.  I wasn't sure how this would work, but this is the second summer we have done this and last year's results were promising.  I don't believe she would be able to hold on to her walker with both hands if we had not done it.

I have been trying to find activities that will encourage her to use her right hand (or "righty" as we call it).  We have done quite a few things, but all my kids LOVE playing with dough.  I stuck these chopsticks in the dough and she had to use righty to get them.  In addition to the activities we do at home she receives therapy several times a week with occupational, physical and recreational therapists.
After all the hard work, I let her use her cast to play too!  She works so hard she deserved a break.

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