Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In 11 Months

This post is an ongoing effort to get myself on track before my 40th birthday.  Not that 40 is a big deal for me, but it is the newest milestone.  I have spent the last month or so feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Our spring schedule is hectic and I am lacking the downtime to get my thoughts together.  Add to that all the things I feel like I SHOULD be doing and am not and it is a recipe for disaster.  Ever since Kid #4 was born my husband and I have been taking turns saying things like, "We need a bigger house." and "We need a new car." and "I wish we had ____."  Facts are we don't NEED any of it.  And wishing and stressing about it has set an tone in our house that isn't always pleasant.   

This month I am focusing on what we really need.  What we really need is happiness, food, love, warmth, and faith.  A bigger house or a new car isn't going to bring me any of that.  In fact, I feel like it may take that away from those.  My kids all love to sleep together in one room.  They love to read books together and snuggle under the covers.  If we have a bigger house and everyone has their own room one of two things will happen: #1. They will all go to their own space and not connect with one another.  Or #2. They will still all be together in one room and I will be cleaning a much larger house.  I am finishing up the decluttering that I began during Lent and preparing to sell, donate and pitch more stuff.  I want to make this entire house organized, usable and tidy.  I plan to finish the decorating and begin working on the garden.  I want to spend time on what really matters.  Our Home.

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  1. Kim, this is so true! We have a 3 bedroom home, when we moved in here we only had Jacob and never dreamed we would have 6 kids! So right now we have 3 girls in one room and 3 boys in the other. It works for now, as they get older and get bigger it may not work as well. But when we were on vacation the house we rented had 5 bedrooms, so our oldest had one to himself. What did he want to do as soon as we were done playing on the beach? Go in his room with the door shut and watch tv! Now we would never have tv's in bedrooms at our home, but still. I think sharing space gives them great coping and negotiating skills!!