Thursday, May 19, 2011


For the past 8 weeks Kid #2 has been in 2 casts on her feet to lengthen her heel cords.  (During the last week we only had 1 cast.)  Because of her CP, her range of motion is limited and her heel cords are TIGHT!  So tight, that she finds it difficult to stand on her feet.  When she pulls herself up to the standing position she often stands on her toes.  We decided to do this to see if walking would be easier for her.  I should say if walking on her feet would be easier.  She walks EVERYWHERE on her knees.  She has excellent balance and can move both legs perfectly.  I am happy to say that yesterday was the last day of our casting.  She got out of the casts, put on her braces (with no struggle, since her feet were so nicely bent) and walked by herself (with a walker) about 200 feet!!  Thank God!!  She was so proud of herself.  So the walker is being ordered and the walking program begins.  And to those doctors that told me it probably wouldn't happen, don't count this girl out!

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