Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kid #4

I am finishing my Kid Profiles with Kid #4.  She is actually #4.1, a gift from God to heal my broken heart after losing Mary Grace at 21 weeks.
She is such a happy baby.  Easy going and cuddly.  Perfect attitude for Kid #4.

She loves her siblings and always wants to be with them (which is never a problem, someone is always around).
Her relationship with Kid #2 is amazing.  Kid #2 is such a good sister.  Having a baby sister has taught her so much.
She is patient and smiley.  She is a good eater and her chubby legs are adorable!
She is so wonderful.  She is beginning to scoot and roll.  I love how excited the big kids get while watching her!
Still not sleeping through the night, but I look forward to getting up (most of the time) and cuddling her.  I know the blessing I was given.  I am having so much fun!

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