Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kid #3

Oh, Kid #3 is something else!
She is chatty and fun at home.  She is shy and quiet everywhere else, but that is improving.
She is an outdoor girl.  She loves hiking with her dad and playing basketball with her big brother.
She is a "little momma".  She loves to be in the kitchen, folding laundry, taking care of the baby and helping Kid #2.
She is a daisy scout, plays t-ball and is starting girls' hockey this week!
She loves learning at home and tells everyone that she is homeschooled.  She has been a great Guinea pig!
She has a mind of her own which is not always fun, but will get her far in life.  No one takes advantage of this one!
She is spunky and kind, fun and wild, sassy and smart.  I can't wait to see what she becomes!

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