Friday, April 8, 2011

Kid #2

Today it is on to Kid #2.  She is my blue eyed beauty with a heart of gold.
She was a quiet baby, until at 4 months she had her first seizure and I had to rescue breathe for her.  We found out then that she had schizencephaly.  Basically, she had a stroke in utero resulting in brain damage (causing the seizures).  She also is paralyzed on her right side, has CP, and is globally delayed.
That is what she has, but it is not who she is.  She is sweet and kind.  She loves people.

She wants to do what everyone else does.  I think that perseverance is why she has come so far.

She loves her family and God.  She reminds us at every meal to pray (she likes to hold hands while we pray).  Her prayer: "God is good, Amen."  Yes, He is and she is proof of that.

She is a Daisy Scout and a HUGE fan of Dora.  She loves her brother and sisters.  She is Daddy's girl.
She sees a lot of doctors and gets a lot of pokes.  She has had more medical appointments than I have in my live, but she is so brave.  She does what she has to do and we both have a good cry!

She also does everything the others do, in her own way.  My husband and I are committed to helping her have those experiences.  She has taught me so much in her 7 years.  People always tell me how lucky she is to have us, but I really feel I am the lucky one.

 Her hard work, desire to keep trying, ability to adapt, and her love for everyone are the gifts she brings to our family.  We are all better people because we are loved by Kid #2.

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  1. Every milestone they hit is all the more special isn't it? Fun when the siblings realize that too. She is gorgeous!