Monday, April 4, 2011

Kid #1

I have often thought about doing a profile on each kid, so that I can look back someday and have a "snapshot" of the kind of person that they are right now.  I will begin today at the beginning with Kid #1.

My only boy.  In a house with 3 sisters.  He is a very patient young man. 

He is helpful and kind.  He struggles with his confidence and trying to please people.  Sometimes I wonder, what is he thinking?

He loves Legos, Nerf guns and video games (with screen time limits).  He is a Bear Scout and a real fisherman.

He would wear a jersey every day, but knows he can't wear one to church.  He loves sports - both playing and watching.
He is a really faithful kid.  He has said he might want to be a priest or a pro football player!
He has taken a sudden interest in the Civil War and asked me to develop a lesson about it!  He is investing 5 days in the Ken Burns documentary on PBS.

He has a gluten intolerance and deals with it on his own.  He has had to turn down a lot of treats because he knows they will make him sick.  He says it doesn't bother him, but I think sometimes it does.
He is the best big brother and a really great son.  He is the kid most like me, so it isn't always easy.  But I love being his mom!

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