Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Mom Recommends

Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family, A
I was drawn to this book right away.  Since I feel like I just entered the world of the "large family" I wanted to read this book and find out if you can maintain your sanity and raise a large family.  Turns out, you can.  The author, Mary Ostyn, has ten children.  She shares some insight on all kinds of topics, housework, finances, schooling, sibling relations, wanting a bigger house, and extra activities.  She did help me to realize that I am my own worst critic.  There are plenty of things I give to my kids that aren't things.  I sometimes get caught up in the fact that my kids don't have exactly what they want.  (Believe me, they have plenty.)  I also feel a bit of mommy guilty about all the responsibility my kids have. She has a real plan for housework and does make her kids do some.  I gained some insight about responsibilities and how to divide them.  If you have a large family or want to someday, it is a quick and easy read that has wise advice.

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