Thursday, March 24, 2011

40 Bags Update

I have an update, but not much of one.  The entire family (except me) had the rotovirus.  It was a week and a half of GI distress.  It hit kids #2 and #3 especially hard.  We are on the road to recovery, but I spent a lot of time tending to the sick as opposed to organizing the house.  Here are the bags I was able to get rid of:
  • 2 bags of recycling - magazines I was holding on to.  I saved the articles in a folder and got rid of the magazines
  • 2 more bags of kids clothes to friends
  • 3 bags of stuff to post office (I have made $350 this month on eBay!)
  • 1 bag of clothes returned to store (I held on too for way too long.)
That is 8 more bags for a total of 12.  I am a few off the pace, but I have big plans for tomorrow and next week.

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