Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gluten free for Kid #3

My first born (Kid #1) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at about 15 months old.  It was hard then to find items for him to eat.  There was no way I could go to a "regular" grocery store to get them and I got a lot of stuff from mail order.  Almost 8 years later, gluten free food is everywhere and I am a pro at it.

I have noticed that Kid #3 has a sensitive stomach. We discussed this with the doctor and she was screened for Celiac several years ago with a blood test.  The results were negative.  Two years and a different pediatrician later, I mentioned it again.  He suggested just trying a gluten free diet and seeing what happens.  So we are.  Her belly feels a lot better and her (**TMI ALERT**) trips to the potty are a lot more pleasant.

So this got me to thinking, maybe we should all go gluten free for a while?  We eat a fair share of gluten free products, but the majority of us still eat wheat.  I am currently investigating the cost, impact on the overall grocery budget and our health and happiness.  I need to experiment with a few things and try them (I have not tried a lot of the products I feed Kid #1!).  It is scheduled to be the topic at the dinner table tonight.

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  1. Have you looked into the NAET treaments? I have several friends, including some dealing with Celiac, who have done the treatment and no longer have the issues. We're looking into it for Saragh's stomach issues. Here's the website