Thursday, January 27, 2011

So long, Target

Today is a red letter day - Target Red.  Today I was lucky enough to score a babysitter and be able to do my errands kid free.  I went to the Sam's Club which put me on the opposite side of town from where I typically do my shopping. Instead of going back across town I decided to do my Target shopping at the store on this side of town.  I went through and found TONS of stuff I needed: shoes for my daughter and son, tights for all the girls to wear to Kid #4 baptism, a sweater for me, misc household get it "Target stuff".  When I went to checkout the total was $304.23.  I wrote a check. (I don't use credit cards anymore.)  I was told by the clerk that he could not take the check and for and an explanation I needed to call the 800 on the back of my "rejected" check.

Let me first say the money is in there and was budgeted for.  Embarrassed, I went out to my car (leaving behind the $300 of merchandise) to get to the bottom of things.  I called Target Check Authorization and was told that I do not have check writing history with this Target and therefore can not write checks any higher than $100 until I have established check writing history in small amounts.  He said it has NOTHING to do with how much money is in my account.  They would not authorize a one time big check.  I was mad, really really mad.  I explained the embarrassment, frustration, the time lost that I can't get back to re-shop the items.  He offered me the option of getting cash at the bank and paying, going back and writing a check for $100 and charging the rest, or simply charging it.  When I explained I don't use credit, he apologized.  When I said, "I guess I can also chose not to do business with Target again too!" He apologized.  After ending the conversation, I went back in the store and asked for a manager. (Note: I knew this wasn't going to get me anywhere, but I needed them to know!)  As if she was reading from the same script as the 800-guy, she apologized.  She told me the policy was to prevent check fraud...I guess they get a lot of that.  I was mad.  I'm still mad.  I have written 100s of checks at the "other" Target.  The "other" Target doesn't even need my ID.  She told me the 2 systems are NOT connected and doing business with one doesn't count.  She agreed it was "unfortunate" that I would be taking my business elsewhere, but her hands were tied.  I know they were. I am sad that I am being punished for the irresponsibility of a few.  I am TIRED of being held to the standard of the lowest common denominator.  For me it ends today!

So, tomorrow morning I will go to a store that takes my check (Meijer) and with 3 of my 4 kids and redo everything I did today.  And sadly will never shop at Target again.

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  1. That is very sad. Makes me wonder if I'll continue to shop there.