Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pantry Challenge

So this is the last week of the pantry challenge...and I am losing a bit of steam!  This past weekend I fell off track and have had to motivate myself to recover.  The kids have had a several delicious pantry breakfasts and lunches, but when it comes to dinner...well, we did order pizza one night.  So here is the plan for this week and a restock will be in order soon.  I know I need to start meal planning and freezer cooking seriously.  Jessica at Life as Mom is planning a freezer cooking tutorial soon.

Mon: Weekend leftovers
Tues: Sandwiches
Wed: Crock pot Creation (We shall see...)
Thurs: Pasta and broccoli
Fri: Breakfast for dinner
Sat: Party for kid #3 finger foods
Sun: Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes

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