Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meal Planning This Week

Picture from http://www.healthcarendiet.com
I am participating in the Pantry Challenge at Good Cheap Eats and Life as Mom this month.  So look out pantry, here I come.  Yesterday we ate the leftovers from our New Year's Day Feast.  So today we are ready to get started.

4. Chili w/ bread
5. Pizza (there are a couple in the freezer)
6. Kid #3's birthday (her choice -I'll show her the pantry and cross my fingers!)
7. Roast with vegetables
8. Dinner out for #3's birthday (We got a gift card for Christmas!!)
9. Chicken and rice

As for lunches, I have tons of soups, mac and cheese and stuff to get through.  I also have oatmeal, and cereals in the basement pantry that are not favorites, but need to be eaten.  I am actually looking forward to it!!!

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  1. All of my kids aren't crazy about oatmeal, but it is inexpensive and good for them so we eat it anyway! Good luck with your challenge :)