Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wrapping up the week(s)

I added the (s) because it has been a couple of weeks since my last wrap up. 

Mom: In addition to wiping everything off with disinfecting wipes, I have been working on getting the clutter contained and organizing the house.  Kid #4's bed arrived along with a dresser and that has pretty much filled the room and is forcing us to stay organized.  There isn't room for much else.  The big girls have drawers under their bed and the next time I am at Target I will get a under the bed storage container for the crib. 

I have been looking through some cookbooks.  I am in a bit of a dinner rut.  I am hoping to get energized with meal planning this week.  Even though it is easier in the long run, I haven't had the time to do the prep up front. Recipe ideas would be appreciated. 

We are getting the house ready for Christmas.  Each child has their own Advent calendar as well as our wreath at dinner.  Decorating is happening in earnest this weekend.

I am reading the A Little House Christmas Treasury: Festive Holiday Stories to the kids at bedtime. 

Kid #1: He has been busy with third grade homework.  He receives a packet every Friday that is due the following Thursday.  He has been doing a good job planning his time.  Basketball season started today.  In addition to religious education, Cub Scouts, and piano lessons, he is one busy kid.  We are also doing some projects at home (but not as many as I had hoped!).  He recently found books by Mike Lupica.  They are sports themed.  Million-Dollar Throw is the one he picked up at the book fair.  They are right up his alley.

Kid #2: A wheelchair she can drive herself has been ordered!  I will devote a whole post to that as soon as it arrives.  It is our hope it gives her the independence she desires.  She has also been really talking up a storm.  She seems so much more engaged in what is going on around her.  She is doing something new almost every day.  We had an evaluation at Therapeutic Riding last week.  She has done hippotherapy (horseback riding) before.  We are eager to do it again.  She loves it.  We hope to start this spring.  As far as schooling, we are doing lots of folder games, tray work and art projects.  She is a busy kid too.  She is a Daisy scout, attends religious education and music therapy. 

Kid #3: We have been struggling with homeschooling lately.  She hasn't been feeling well and neither have I.  In addition, I have been so busy getting "work" done and she has been coming along.  Now that the learning room is taking shape we will be planning to get back on the plan next week.  We are doing letter H and writing numbers.  This is not to say she has not been doing anything.  She is the resident queen of art projects, is always writing up a storm (spelling the names of our family members and pets), has been in the dress up box every day and does the afternoon school with her sister.  She is only 4 years old!!

Kid #4:  She didn't get the horrible cough that made its way through our house.  Thank God!  She is now sleeping with her sisters and sometimes 5 or 6 hours a night!   A couple nights ago she rolled over.  The other kids were so excited!  She will be 4 months old this week.  I can't believe she has been here that long.

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  1. Thanks for linking up this week! Someone being sick really does throw a wrench into the week, but its all part of the adventure, I would love to find out more about the riding therapy and we are really enjoy the LH Christmas book too! Happy Advent.

  2. If you are in a dinner/recipe rut I recommend it is a subscription service but it really helps me to organize my menu planning/shopping lists and so far I have enjoyed their meals.