Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pardon the interruption.....

...A horrible cold/cough/sinus thing has been hanging around our house and most specifically with me for the last 3 weeks.  I have lacked motivation or energy to do much blogging.  Add to that the kids are not sleeping well and hubby being gone a few nights, you get the idea right???

I will be back in a week or so to begin Advent and the new year with a plan.  Until then rest assured that I am working on something.  I hope to have some real work done.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I will be cooking with my kids this year.  I am thrilled. 

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  1. Ha ha ha sorry for laught, but because I'm like you. I was sick near a month, and the last week was awful, with hight fever, and I didn't do post 2 days, neather this moment. This week is a little better I don't have pain but I'm still with asma.
    Today I did a This moment :)
    But I'm still with cought.

    Happy thanksgiving