Thursday, November 4, 2010

Packing a Shoebox

At my son's last Cub Scout meeting a member of a local church came to discuss Operation Christmas Child.  This is a great program where you and your child fill a shoe box with trinkets and toys, wrap it (box and lid separately) and then drop it off at a local drop off center.  The boxes are sent to countries all over the world.  It is the first or only gift a child gets each year.  For a $7 donation along with the box, you can track your box and will know where it goes.  We were told that if we write a letter the child might write back.  We are going to do one box together as a family and the kids might have a fund raiser or two (lemonade stand, or something) to fund raise to fill their own boxes next year.  Go to this website for more information.  We have to have our box filled by November 21, so if you are interested you need to act soon.

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