Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Budget Update

We have made a few sacrifices for the sake of the budget since I last updated the budget.  I am still not buying formula (7 more weeks X $20 = $140).  I will soon see a return on the cloth diapering and wipes.  I also sold the small gDiapers on eBay and made a little of the expense back.

 I have also posted some other items on eBay and Craig's List.  My "profit" has been $285.  I have other items listed and continue to go through drawers, closets and plastic totes to find other things we had to have, but now don't use.  I had a love affair with collectible baskets when I had dispensable income and now am slowly listing those on eBay.  I also thought my daughters needed a "playdress" in every color and have sold a few of those (I did save some of those for #4!  They are too cute, but not cheap!)

I have saved $83 in coupons since my last post.  I also have cut back on the number of trips to the grocery store.  We are making due with what we have and avoiding the extra that goes in the cart.  We have opted out on Thai food (a savings of $40) once and have eaten homemade pizza twice (a savings of $35).

The most difficult change was that we cancelled an annual family holiday trip.  The kids were disappointed, but are now looking forward to planning the weekend at home.  The cost of lodging has been inching up over the last couple of years.  We had been spending money on a large buffet dinner, all other meals out, a trip to the Christmas store, quarters for video games and the outlet mall.  When I sat down and did a rough estimate, the cost was around $900!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  The kids know we are on a plan and I promised them we reach our goal - a goal they have helped plan - it will be worth it!!!

Savings since last update: $1483
Savings to date: $5277.93!!!!  I made it to $5,000.  I will keep track through December and then January 1st I will begin a new budget challenge.  Next year $5,000 more.  This will be tougher because I can't count the cable downgrade, vacation cancelling, etc.  What else can I sell on eBay?

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