Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unfortunate Events - An Update

Well, I am feeling less sorry for myself today and have a better perspective on my list of unfortunate events.  It is amazing what a difference a week makes. 

#1.  The dishwasher is fixed!  My husband took it apart and is ordered a part.  The total $20.  It was worth a try before we buy a new one.  It is not that we can't afford it, it is just that I would rather not allocate $ for such a thing.  I thought of Ma Ingalls, my Little House fantasy, who had to fetch and heat her own water, so handwashing could have been worse, right?  Savings $65, and that was just the service call!

#2.  That handy hubby of mine is going to see if he can remove the tar tonight.  (Did I mention that I love how handy he is?)  If not, the tires will need to be replaced, but they were probably ready to be anyway.  I was just not ready yet.

#3.  I have introduced a cup (or two) of coffee back into my life each morning and have not noticed a change in kid #4.  The truth is I was consuming way to much diet soda anyway and what better reason to give that up than for the GI health of my baby.  I needed to give it up a long time ago.  Once I am done nursing, I will try to keep my caffeine consumption to a minimum. 

It is amazing how caught up we can get in the day to day stuff.  Today I am thankful for my children, that handy husband of mine, this beautiful fall weather and a warm cup of coffee on a crisp morning.  I am going to start a family "Thankfulness Journal" so we don't all lose perspective again!!

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