Friday, September 10, 2010

What this mom recommends

When I found out I was pregnant again I wanted to make an effort to be a bit more earth friendly this time around.  I have switched to cloth napkins, kitchen cloths, cleaning rags, reusable sandwich bags and so the idea of cloth diapers was one I was interested in.  However, I was a bit intimidated.  There are SO many from really simple to super fancy and they come in a variety of price ranges. 

I did my research and decided on a hybrid.  The g-diaper.  They are a cloth diaper with a reusable liner, but also there is an optional compostable (and they say flushable - I do not flush them) liner.  This makes trips out and overnight a bit easier for us. 

I spent about $100 to start.  There is a great resale market on eBay.  With that I got 6 diapers and 4 packages of liners.  Since then I have used gifts to buy 2 more diapers and an extra 6 reusable liners.  We are starting in size small (8-14 pounds).  I have not purchased any other stuff.  In a month I am sure I would have gone through at least 6-8 packages of diapers.  Like my 4 year old says, "New babies poop a lot."  I think they have paid for themselves in the money I am saving not buying diapers.

I love them.  Soon I will post a picture of kid #4 in them.  They are super cute.  I am already looking for deals in the next size and am taking extra care to preserve the ones I have to resell.  It is a nice option for us.  I feel better not filling a trash bag with disposable diapers each week and kid #4 has not had any diaper rash issues because her bummer isn't covered in plastic.  I highly recommend gDiapers.

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