Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1)
Well, it was bound to happen...I have been completely neglecting my blog during the month of September.  Blame the addition of kid #4, the beginning of a new school year, the beginning of a new homeschooling year, getting all the extra curricular stuff in order, still not sleeping through the night, getting the eBay/Craig's List stuff listed, working to still tighten the family budget...I am beat!!!

In addition, we have had a series of unfortunate events.

#1.  My dishwasher has died.  Yes, it is sad, but after 11 years it could no longer take being run twice a day.  I refuse to buy a new one until I can pay cash, so we (that is I) will be handwashing for a few weeks.  I also am resisting the urge to buy paper plates!

#2. I drove over some of that crack sealer tar that has been sprayed all over Michigan roads and it stuck to my front tire in my car.  The alignment is now completely off and the tire needs to be replace (maybe 2).  This moves the issue mentioned in #1 down the list a bit.

#3. Kid #4 has been spitting up and a bit fussy lately.  When reading my stacks of baby books for a probable cause I repeated ran into "excess caffeine consumption" as an explanation.  To save a trip to the doctor, I have decide to eliminate caffeine.  Much to my dismay, it worked.  Please pray for me and my family!!!

The good news is I have a list of topics to get to in October and a few other avenues for getting my thoughts out to explore. 

Just a bump in the road on the journey as a family of 6.


  1. Oh bless your heart! Sending a prayer your way!!

  2. Ugh, no dishwasher! Hope you are able to replace it soon - washing dishes for 6 is no fun. And no caffeine! - prayers coming your way :)