Saturday, September 18, 2010

Budget Update

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

It has been a few months since I updated my savings totals.  I have been keeping track on paper and have done a few more things to save money.

#1 Homeschooling #3- It would have cost us $672 to send her to preschool from September -mid December.  I have spent about $50 in supplies, so we have a net savings of $622.

#2 I am beginning to list items on Craig's list and eBay, so far I have only made $50, but there are so many items left around here to list!

#3 My hubby continues to do his own car repairs.  We have saved about $440 on the last one ALONE!!

#4 I opted out of my summer CSA and purchased veggies and fruit locally.  I saved $325 and threw out a lot less.

#5 I have made a trip to resale and sent some items to my mom's garage sale.  I made $160.

#6 I have yet to break even on the cloth diapers, but I will soon and will send another update.  However, I am also using cloth breast pads and wipes.  I have saved about $20 so far.  (I'll add that to my next update.)  I am also breastfeeding and have not purchased any formula.  (One can a week X 6 weeks = $120)

#7 Despite my initial discomfort with my husband "harvesting" deer, it has saved us some money and provided dinner on several evenings.  He is trying to convince me to go...not there yet!!!

My husband and I are making a plan to "live like no one else...".  It really isn't easy, but we have big plans and goals that we want to achieve in the next 12-24 months.  I recommend listening to, reading, and living the Dave Ramsey plan.  I have the book pictured above, listen to his free podcasts, and have borrowed his videos from our library. He is inspiring.   My lofty goal is to be completely debt free (including our house) in 10 years (That is when kid #1 starts college!).

Savings from this update: $1737
Total for the year: $3580.93

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  1. We live debt free too! We have only one CC that is used for emergancies. I should say our only debt is our house and we are working hard each month paying extra on it so it will be paid off sooner than later. If we can't buy it with cash then we don't need it! We are looking a purchasing a different van and they only we will is by cash (savings and sale of current van). It is hard but I believe my kids will be better people becasue they know we just don't buy to buy!!! They don't need new shoes just becasue school started or the latest jeans! Target brand is just as good!! :) Good luck with your savings plan. Love to hear how others do it!