Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Summer Plans

My kids will all be home from school next week.  I am one of those moms that can't wait.  I have been counting down since Easter.  As a family I have plans for us to do lots of things together.  Here is a list:

Berry Picking
Farmer's Market
Trip (or trips) to the Zoo or Petting Farm
Reading program and weekly visits to the library
Hands On Museum Trips on rainy or HOT days
Playing in the kiddie pool, water table and yard
Planting and caring for plants (and pulling weeds!)
Riding bikes at Nana's (She has a really long driveway!)
Fishing trips on our boat
Picnics in the backyard
Trips to the lake

Here are the things planned for kid#1:
Two weeks of Vacation Bible School (Two churches in our town have great ones)
Swimming lessons
Drama camp
Cub scout camp (One day camp, one overnight with Dad)
Ongoing Piano Lessons

Plans for Kid #2:
Safety Town
One week of Vacation Bible School

Kid #3 will be doing the following:
Swimming Lessons with kid #1
Vacation Bible School
Music Class with kid #2

In the midst of all of this, kid #4 should be making her arrival around August 1!  

I am still going to try to get my kids to work on a few "school-ish" things as well to keep in good practice and establish a routine should we decide to stay home next year.  (I will post more about these things later.) 
One day left...I can't wait.

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