Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Homeschooling Option

As some of you know, I have been tossing the idea of homeschooling around for months now.  I have read more books, blogs and articles than I can count.  I have considered the pros, the cons, the what ifs and the shoulds.  I have thought about whether this is a decision I am making for me or for my kids.  Do I just want a “teaching job” or do I really think my kids are better served at home?  Can I do it?  Kid #4 is on her way in 5 short weeks and I wondering about the idea of working homeschooling in around feedings and baby care. 

I also have the fear of just being bad at it.  What if it doesn’t work for us?  What if kid #1 and I can’t work together?  What if he winds up behind?  I also contend with the fact that kid #3 is PAINFULLY shy in situations outside our home.  She refuses to interact with children without her father, brother or me. She does eventually warm up, but it takes a while.  Does she “need” preschool for improved socialization?  Will I delay her without that interaction?

Kid #2 is going to school regardless of what I decide for #1 and #3.  As I have mentioned in other posts, kid #2 was born with a serious birth defect and is globally delayed. (In a post soon I will profile each of my kiddos!)   Our district offers half-day kindergarten and she receives special education services (PT, OT, speech therapy and resource room support) while there.  In the afternoon. I have homeschooling activities planned for kid #2 and #3 from the book Teach Me To Do It Myself as well as a story time at the library, a religious education class, and a session with a music therapist.  These are things I will do whether they are homeschooled officially or not.  I will supplement what happens elsewhere. 

The good news is I have choices and that none of the choices are permanent.  We can try any one of the options and see how it goes.  If something isn’t working for a kid we can make changes. 

I want to make it clear that I believe in the idea of a public education, I am a public school (K-12 and college) educated person that grew up to be a public school teacher.  I serve on a public school board.  I know that there are good things happening in public schools.  But one thing I am beginning to realize through my research is that each kids needs might be better met in different settings and a great way to change curriculum for each kid is when homeschooling.  I have a few months to try some stuff and to decide.  I am also waiting for kid #1’s classroom placement for next year.  It could be the difference?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. One issue with public schools is how it's so hard for them to reach each child's needs. It's impossible no matter how good the system and even how much the teacher wants too. Really there are no good answers, but I know there are groups out there that will help you with group activities so #3 can socialize.

  2. I would have to say I am a hard-core homeschooler!! I just think the public schools are failing on many different levels, not that there aren't many, many dedicated people working in the school system, I just think the whole system itself is flawed. Home education is certainly not perfect...but it is definitely been the best choice for our family.

  3. The studies just keep getting better and better on homeschooling. See a few here,

    With you teaching background, the love you have innately for your children and the Holy Spirit's promises in your sacramental marriage, you will find the graces and God's perfect plans for you in this vocation. God bless!