Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girl's Croc Sale and Free Jibbitz

When I got this info from The New Frugal Mom, I had to pass it on.  This Croc, Gabby, is $14.99 at  Use the code GABBY999 to get these for $9.99.  If you then use the code STACK15, you can get them for $8.49.  Also, if you order shoes you can get a free Jibbitz and free shipping.  I got 2 pair, one pink and one purple, for kids #2 and #3 for $16.98 and free shipping!

Summer Budget left:  $105.05


  1. Oh man...that is a good deal! I just got 2 pairs of this same shoe for 9.99 each at Big Lots and I thought that was a good deal!

  2. I love my new crocs, bought at the outlet in Michigan City. Sadly even though I was at the outlet I only liked the new releases and still paid full price for one. But since I'd never tired on a pair for myself it's nice to know exactly what size and how they fit. So now when there's a sale I can take advantage of it. We did get some great prices on Crocs for ER.