Friday, June 4, 2010

Cooking with Daddy

As I have been researching the "World of Homeschooling", I have found a fair amount of articles stressing the importance of dads being involved.  While we have not officially crossed over, I am using quite a few of the techniques and ideas I have found in my studies.  When I saw this happening at the dining room table I had to take pictures.

My kids and husband have made guacamole a ton of times.  They all love it.  On occasion while grocery shopping they will ask if they can pick out the ingredients.  This week avocados were on sale and kid #1 knows the way to his mom's heart is a sale!  So we picked some out.  (Limes, tomatoes, and onion, too.)

Here are a few pictures of what happened when we got home!

Scooping it in!
Ladies first!
Rolling the limes before squeezing them!

Now kid #1 gets a turn!

I would love to show you the finished product, but it was eaten promptly.  I loved listening to all the conversation that happened around this project: how to pick the best avocados, how to get the pit out, the health qualities of guacamole, who was doing what job, how they could include kid #2 to help her do the things she would be best was great!  It is times like this I almost think we could do it!


  1. Cooking with Daddy is always a fun time! Looks like the kids had a blast.