Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Giveaway: Free Mommy Organizer!

Got Kids? Get Organized!: The Personal Organizer for BUSY Families (Family Organizer)

I am giving away a really cool organizer for moms with tons to do and tons to keep track of...YOU!  It is the Got Kids? Get Organized!: The Personal Organizer for BUSY Families (Family Organizer).  There are two ways to enter.  You can leave a comment with your BEST tip for keeping your schedule organized or mention this giveaway on your blog and post the link in the comment section of this post.  I will randomly draw from the entries I receive by May 24th.  I hope this goes better than my Read the Bible in 90 Days Giveaway, but hey, if you'd rather have that instead of this cool organizer let me know!

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  1. The best way we stay organized is color coding all our events. I love the colorful felt tip markers, everyone picks a color and your events are written in your color! It helps them and me stay on top of the many events we have!

  2. Organized? What's that? I only have one so I tend for the fly by the seat of my pants method. I do have a planner, that's what I use to attempt. But I am pretty type A so I manage most of the time. FYI I posted a link on my blog's Facebook Fan Page that will also be tweeted out. Hope that helps get you some more traffic and entries☺

  3. For kid actvities and our schedules we have one big calendar on the side of the fridge. If it doesn't get on there, then it will be missed! For notes and permission slips they get turned in the next day!!

  4. We have four kids ranging in age from 13-26, all still at home, which makes for an interesting household. I keep one central calendar in the kitchen where everyone can see it. And then I keep a Franklin Planner that I was given at work several years ago. It is a 5"x7" six-ring binder that you can add to or subtract from as you see fit. For each month, there's a full-page calendar. Each day there's one page as a daily schedule & "to do" list, and an opposite page for notes. In the back, you can have an address book, weekly expenses/budget, mileage record, grocery lists, birthday calendar, menu planner, medical records, etc. You can even add envelopes & put cash in each for specific budget items like entertainment, groceries, gas, and prescriptions. The most important factor is making sure I keep on top of everyone's schedule so I know how to plan.

  5. Google Calendars have become my best friend - I can color code the master calendar, share everyone's events with my husband to his blackberry, print individual calendars for the kids so they can keep track of their own schedules, create recurring events, sync to my blackberry, share with Grandma and invite her to events that I don't have a parent going to. We own a gym which demands attention during after school hours so often times I am the only one to drive three active kids around (I know it will only get more busy). Additionally, I run my own successful Arbonne business and am the coordinator for the Dexter Community Education Field Hockey program. Organization is key. While Google Calendars take care of day to day, I am still refining my system for other information (menu planning, medical records etc.) Have a good one Kim!