Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bye, bye cable

As I mentioned before we cancelled our cable, but because of our new TV we were still able to receive the signal for some of the "fancy" cable channels.  My kids never realized the difference.  This all came to an end this week.  So far, we have been without "fancy" TV for at about a week.  There was some moaning, groaning and a couple of tears (Kid #1 REALLY misses Sportscenter).  I have always monitored screen time and my kids have never been allowed to watch just anything, but it was a transition.  We are saving tons of money, but more importantly I have notice something even more valuable...TIME!
Kid #1 has read 3 chapter books this week.  I am seeing toys I have not seen in a long time being played with.  All three of my kids are playing matchbox cars, Lego's, making art, stringing beads, and pretending.  I am so mad...why didn't I do this before now?  We are all getting so much more done.  I have started knitting (I am taking a beginner class.)  I have read a few magazines that have been waiting for me for a while.  It is peaceful and quiet.  My kids have stopped asking for the TV and finding things to do.   We have been to the library and checked out a few videos.  It is something money can't buy - FAMILY TIME!!!


  1. You are a brave woman, it's good to try and break the tv habit early on. I think Brad and I are both too addicted to our shows to get rid of it. What would I do without HGTV and the local ESPN? I can't miss all those Tiger's games! Yeah, I know I totally could but we have been doing a good job at watching a lot less. Today is the exclusion, I had a monster headache and zeo motivation.

  2. It has been a process, but we are all getting used to it! Tom has found hulu, so he gets TV in on his computer.