Thursday, April 29, 2010

Towels and Napkins

I have noticed on a lot of frugal living or green living blogs that cutting down on disposable products is better for the environment and the budget. About a year ago, I eliminated paper plates and plastic cups. We purchased the entire family water bottles and only do juice or milk boxes on road trips or special occasions. Now I have taken another step in cutting down on disposables. I was noticing that my children were using up to 3 paper napkins a dinner! In addition, I felt like I was constantly buying them. The cheaper the ones I bought, the more they used! We didn’t seem like cloth napkin people. Cloth napkins are formal and our dinner hour is less than formal. So, I set out on a mission to kind cute, cloth napkins. I found a pack of 12 white cloth napkins at Target (I LOVE TARGET!) for $4.99. They were fine, in my price range, but didn’t satisfy the cute part of the plan. When I was suit shopping with kid #1 for his First Communion, I found adorable cloth napkins at Kohl’s on sale with a 30% off coupon these napkins were $1.87 each. I bought 12! I know there is a bit of a cost in the beginning, but I have already been one month without napkins. The kids use only one and sometimes can leave it at their spots for a second use. The same is true with paper towels. At $9.99 a package, they can be a bite in the grocery budget. I found these fun, colorful (and organic!) bar towels at Kohl’s too. With my coupon they were about $9 a pack. I assigned a spot for used towels and every night (or every other if the load is small) I run a load of towels before I go to bed. In the morning I put them on the deck on my new drying rack to dry. (I’ll post a picture later.)

Budget note: My birthday was this month. I used my birthday money to buy the Kohl’s towels and a drying rack. (Last year I used it for a label maker and plastic bins!!!)


  1. This is great to hear! We've been using cloth napkins and towels for a little over 4 years now and I could never go back! Keep your eye out at second hand stores like Value World and Salvation Army for cute cloth napkins. That's where I've gotten most of mine. I actually scored about 20 super cute vintage cloth napkins at the church flea market a couple of years ago for $1! I also started cutting up old clothes to use as cleaning rags and that is working really well. It's so fun to have someone else to talk about this with!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I need to start shopping at those spots. I have never ventured into second hand stores.