Monday, March 8, 2010

This week's meal plan

So I have been following lots of blogs where moms plan their meals for the week. It saves time, money, and effort during the week. I have always thought it was a good idea. I have even tried it a few weeks, but never anything consistent. So, in an effort to make dinner time more enjoyable for me I have decided to plan the meals for the week and every week!

Here is what's for dinner this week:
Mon: Breakfast (eggs, sausage, toast and fruit)
Tues: Chicken Caesar salads (I got beautiful Romaine lettuce at the co-op this week)
Wed: Soup and Sandwiches (We have religious education until 6)
Thurs: Roast in the Crock pot and roasted vegetables
Fri: Baked Potato Bar!!!(No meat=Lent)
Sun: Roasted whole chicken and rice

I will also be packing the leftovers in lunches (for hubby too) in an effort to save more $ by buying lunches less.

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