Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lands End Rocks!

I love Lands' End!! They have super stuff. It is durable, wears well, and hands down nicely. The Sears department store in my area carries the brand. Their clearance items ROCK! Last year I got kid #1 his winter clothes for this year. It was a $129 coat and $40 snow pants and I got it for $39.99. He will be able to wear it next year (unless he grows a ton!!)

But the reason I and writing to sing the praises of Land's End is because of a broken shoe. My son LOVES the Lands' End Weatherly Shoes. He has had 3 pairs of them! They are waterproof suede and zip. (Yes, he is 7, but hates to tie his shoes and I refuse to do it!) The pair we bought this fall just broke! The zipper on the left shoe broke. I emailed them to see if there were anymore in stock. Unfortunately they didn't, but they sent me a prepaid label to return them for a credit!!!! That means kid #1's sandals will be from Lands' End. It is their policy to replace (or credit) if the product is defective. A friend of mine had the same experience with the zipper on a winter coat for her kid!

Thanks Lands' End!!

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