Monday, March 29, 2010

Craig's List

I posted two items on Craig's List this weekend. One of our 2 toddler beds (Kids #2 and #3 have moved into a regular bed) and a wooden rocking horse. As of today, I have sold them both...with no fuss! I made $80. In addition, hubby has rotated his own tires (he longs to be alone in the garage) saving us $20 bucks. My last big shopping trip brought us a savings of $30 in coupons. My total savings is $130.

I have purchased sandals for kid #3 on sale ($15) and 4 pairs of shorts for kid #2 on sale and using GAP rewards ($17).

Here is my updated totals:
Savings for the year: $1843.93
Left for summer clothes: $173.00

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